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I started coming to Piro Clinic because I was in chronic pain. I have been diagnosed with HLA B27 by my Rheumatologist. It's a genetic autoimmune disorder. They tried every medicine and nothing worked, then my doctor said they wanted to put me on injectable Humira. She called it bringing out the "big guns". As usual the side effects were cancer, heart problems, etc.. etc.. I was not willing to try it. A friend recommended Dr. Piro and I figured it was worth a try. I've never been to a holistic doctor before, I was skeptical. I've been on a cleansing program for a year and my pain in my back, knees and most of all my feet is nearly gone. I'm back to lifting weights and doing cardio. I also ran 4 miles yesterday and feel I am finally on the right path. I've not only gotten better, I've received quite an education about how my body works. Without a doubt one of my better life decisions, thanks to Dr. Piro and her wonderful staff.



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