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My husband was introduced to the Rapid Weight Loss (RWL)plan by Dr. Piro over a year ago. He had great success with it and we found the recipes to be delicious. So, when I had some stubborn weight to lose, I decided to try it myself.

I considered myself a healthy eater already. But when my usual plan of simply cutting calories didn't budge the extra weight, I knew it was time for a different strategy.

I will admit, the first three days of the RWL plan were difficult! I experienced real withdrawel from the grains I was accustomed to eating at every meal. However, starting on day four, the cravings and withdrawels subsided and I was able to go through most days without thinking so much about food.

I have now realized how much better I feel when not eating grains. The between-meal cravings, that shaky feeling of "bottoming out" 2 - 3 hours after a meal, the sugaraddiction? All gone.

While I am still grain-free and almost entirely dairy-free, I have expanded the range of what I eat now that I have finished the RWL diet. The weight has stayed off, even with a 5 day trip to California!


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