Leaky Gut Syndrome – An Underlying Cause for Many Female Disorders

Leaky Gut Syndrome means just what it sounds like.  The lining of the intestinal tract becomes more permeable than it should be and therefore can no longer perfectly protect our inner body from the foreign substances of the outside world.  The inside lining of your gastrointestinal tract (which is the long tube going from mouth to anus), physiologically, is considered outside your body as these tissues come in direct contact with substances (food and non-food “edibles”) from the outside world.  The function of the lining of that tube is to finish breaking down food substances into particles that are so simple that, when absorbed, can no longer be identified by your immune system as having come from outside your body.

Your immune system sees the world in black and white:  if it is YOU, it does NOT attack; if it is NOT YOU, it DOES attack.

The only way we have to take things from the outside world and make them into our own tissues (without the immune system going crazy), is for the digestive system, including the intestinal lining, to do its job VERY well.

Leakage of imperfectly digested proteins and carbohydrates (sugars), through a compromised intestinal lining, is now known to be a common cause of food and environmental sensitivities.  Human physiology is such that the final stage of protein and carbohydrate digestion occurs in the cells lining the digestive tract.  This is important because only amino acids (the smallest particles of proteins) and small sugar molecules (which make up carbohydrates) should enter the blood stream.  These are the smallest particles of complete protein and carbohydrate digestion that the immune system will not identify as invaders.  If proteins and large sugar molecules (carbohydrates) do get past the intestinal barrier, your immune system says “ALERT: FOREIGN INVADER!”  What happens next is a so-called food allergy response which involves a myriad of symptoms.  The true problem may not be the actual food; rather it is that it went undigested into the bloodstream.

This Leaky Gut Syndrome makes the effects of environmental pollutants even more dangerous.  Since human physiology has not yet evolved a way to digest the chemicals invented by man, these pollutants “leak” through even a healthy intestinal tract.  A leaky gut allows a greater percentage of these toxins into the bloodstream which can quickly overload the liver.  And herein lies the problem, especially for women:  HORMONE REGULATION HAS MUCH TO DO WITH A HEALTHY LIVER and WEIGHT LOSS HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH A HEALTHY LIVER.

Healing a leaky gut is first and foremost in handling most female disorders including (but not limited to) PMS, menopausal symptoms, fertility issues, difficult weight loss, mood disorders and autoimmune diseases.

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