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I want to share my experience with my body and the Rapid Weight Loss Diet.

First a background note: Three years ago I miscarried a pregnancy. Dr. Piro tested my hormones and they were very off. I had a very low progesterone level which meant I probably wouldn't be able to carry a pregnancy. It also meant even though my estrogen was normal I was feeling the effects of estrogen dominance.

It was unbelievably horrible. I had morbid fears, mild depression, short temper, painful periods and severe debilitating headaches during my menstrual cycles.

All were caused or made worse by the hormone imbalance. I have been working with Dr. Piro for three years very consistantly and I have had much improvement but her recommendation on my decision to do the Rapid Weight Loss Diet has made a huge improvement.

I am no longer afraid or depressed. My periods are normal and no more horrible headaches.

I did a full 6 weeks on the Rapid Weight Loss Diet. I followed it to the letter, lost 30 pounds and 5 sizes. I have eaten anything I want to since (including Christmas treats)! I have stayed at 5 pounds over my last weight and I am so happy about that!

The most amazing and exciting result is the effect on my hormones. My progesteronewent up by over 130 points from way below normal to normal! WOW!

I can't say how happy I am! Babies are possible, my well-being has increased and my potential longevity is improved. YAY! Thank you Dr. Piro and the entire clinic staff. I love you all!



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