The Basics of Weight Loss


There have been innumerable weight loss diets promoted which, in the end, only leave the unsuspecting hopeful in greater ill health, with the weight that may have lost, back on and more.  

In order to permanently lose weight and stay healthy, there are some basics which must be followed.  In fact, a healthy body will find its healthy set point for weight and only fluctuate within a few pounds.

To achieve this, it is necessary to understand the basics of what causes weight gain and obesity, and what lifestyle changes need to be permanently implemented to stay at a normal, healthy weight.

First, the physical causes of an overweight condition are the regular consumption of:

  • Commercial  meats which contain steroids, hormones and antibiotics
  • Unsprouted grains, seeds, nuts and beans which contain enzyme inhibitors
  • White flour and white sugar
  • Too much food with inadequate nutrition

Add to the above, lack of proper exercise and we have the formula for a lifestyle which will perpetuate an overweight condition no matter which miracle diet one undertakes.

As titled, these are the basics.  There are often other underlying conditions that will need treatment such as intestinal issues, liver conditions and hormone imbalances.  But, if the above four points are not addressed, it adds much difficulty in handling these other conditions.




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