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I am 70 years old. I have been a patient of Dr. Piro for 16 of the past 18 years.

More than 30 years ago, I began to question Traditional medicine. I did not have the knowledge or anyone to guide me in another direction. I discovered Chiropractic in the 80's on the advice of a co-worker.

It was my strenuous job that brought me to Dr. Piro for chiropractic care. I was not healing too well when it was decided that perhaps something else was going on. After several tests it was discovered that I had health issues preventing the healing. The main culprit was food allergies of which I was not aware. This result answered many queries I had throughout my life.

Dr. Piro has been eliminating this and all other unhealthy issues that come along. I continue under her care as I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the maximum health that I experience.

There were two occasions over the years that I needed intervention of Traditional medicine. Both times the Doctors were amazed by their own testing results of how extraordinarily healthy I am.

I hope that I have made Dr. Piro very pleased to finally provide her with this testimonial after procrastinating for 18 years. Procrastination is not a field in which she is able to help me (or can she?).


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