Biological Terrain Analysis (BTA)

Toxic chemicals, prevalent in our air, water and food supply, unavoidably permeate our bodies. Our bodies are exquisitely designed to handle toxins, but not at the levels found in today's environment.

Toxins age and deteriorate the body, causing many of the 20th-century disease processes so commonly found in our society, such as chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety disorders, chemical imbalances, digestive and colon disorders, and many other degenerative diseases.

One of the difficulties doctors have with such problems is that they are not detectable by conventional diagnostic methods. This is often why a doctor may tell a patient nothing is wrong when the patient knows that there is. Conventional testing methods can be inadequate in telling the doctor what is wrong. And often, the doctor's training has not covered diseases arising from toxic overload. So, the diagnosis is missed or wrongly determined and the patient does not get better.

A major breakthrough in this area has recently been made: Biological Terrain Analysis (BTA). It is a unique, new test using urine, saliva and blood. With the BTA, a trained physician can see how toxic a body is and to what degree these toxins are harming the body.

Along with a complete history and physical examination, the doctor can very accurately prescribe appropriate therapies to reverse this aging process! The BTA can track progress so the doctor can decide if the therapies employed are effectively reversing the biological age of the patient and, if necessary, what in the therapy needs to be changed.

If you have a problem that has yet gone unsolved by your doctors, or you are currently being treated for a condition not clearly diagnosed, the BTA can help you.

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