Natural Chelation

Chelation is a means by which unwanted particles that are trapped in the body are removed. This happens by attaching the unwanted particles to other particles and "escorting" them out of the body via the kidneys.

Minerals are our body's natural chelators.

Minerals attach to toxins so that they may be removed from the body. Therefore, without an adequate supply of soluble minerals (minerals that can be absorbed through the intestines and dissolved in the blood), toxins can become trapped in our cells, causing aging and degenerative disease.

Some symptoms that may indicate the need for minerals are aching joints and/or arthritis, muscle spasms or twitches, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, behavioral problems and fatigue to name a few.

A simple and effective way to know if your body is meeting its mineral needs, is to check your urine pH first thing in the morning, late afternoon and before bed. If the pH is below 7.0 at any time, then you are not supplying your body with enough high-quality minerals, or the toxic load in the body is overcoming the supply of minerals.

Either way, you need more minerals. You can purchase pH paper at medical supply stores or simply stop by our office and we will be glad to give you pH paper and a full write-up on exactly how to monitor your urine pH.

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