Children And Natural Health Care

Children have a remarkable ability to respond to chiropractic care. Some of the most dramatic health corrections in the annals of chiropractic have been accomplished in work with children.

In obtaining health correction, chiropractic utilizes the body's own recuperative powers. This ability to rebuild diseased or malfunctioning organs and structures is especially great in a child. The length of time that a condition has been present also determines the speed with which the body can rebuild and regain health. Because a child has not suffered years and years of non-optimum health conditions, rebuilding time is considerably less.

There is a great amount of false information as well as a lack of information in regard to children's health.

Often what a parent understands to be "normal," is not really so; rather it is simply common. With the increase in consumption of processed and "junk" foods, chemicals used in producing these foods as well as in drugs given to children and pregnant women, it is no wonder that our children are growing up with more health problems that are considered "normal."

An example of this is the "growing pain." In reality, it is not painful to grow. These pains are from structural imbalances in the muscles which move the joints. Another example is awkwardness or clumsiness. A child goes through very definite stages of development involving the nervous system. If the child is pushed too fast through a particular stage of development, or if there is interference with the development, the neurological organization necessary between the two sides of the body is hindered. This is true for learning disabilities as well.


While there are many causes of over-activity, it can often be traced to nervous system disorganization. Giving the hyperkinetic child drugs is simply treating the symptoms by artificially changing the nervous system at a time of life when there should be rapid neurological development. A much wiser course is to diagnose the underlying problem accurately and work on nervous system organi­zation.

There has been much research in the past several years on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It has been found that the trauma of birth often affects the top cervical (neck) vertebrae. This area is one of the nervous system's centers of control for the internal organs. When compromised, it can cause a sudden shut­down of respiration in an infant. This area of the body is also related to the development of allergies.

Since all the organs, systems and structures of the body are under the control of the nervous system, a nervous system that develops in a disorganized manner will have less control over the body. Disease, poor resistance and various health problems may result. Doctors of chiropractic, especially those who specialize in kinesiology, are trained to detect early problems in the nervous system.

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