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Gina, CCPA

Operations Manager

Gina GarciaGina was born in Wisconsin and moved to Florida at the age of 10 with her parents, a brother and two sisters. She graduated from Countryside High School in 1994. After completing her education through Cleveland College of Chiropractic, Gina received her licensure as a Certified Chiropractic Physician's Assistant in October 2014.

As a child, Gina started having unexplained joint pains. The doctors could not find the cause and just continually prescribed Advil. After about a year of taking eight to twelve Advil a day, her kidneys began to fail. Again, she was given no explanation for this development. The doctors did not seem to think that the two conditions were linked in any way. Her diagnosis was an unsubstantiated autoimmune disease causing scarring of her kidneys. At 16 years old, she lost kidney function and went on dialysis.

Three years later, Gina met Dr. Piro via a mutual friend and Dr. Piro's husband, Lars, who were motorcycle riding friends. By 22 years old Gina was given a kidney transplant, Dr. Piro's husband, who was then the Executive Director of the clinic, hired Gina.

Dr. Piro remembers being skeptical of this decision as she knew the work in her clinic was very demanding and she was unsure of Gina's ability to keep up with it given her condition. But, Gina was very eager and willing to learn and use whatever natural medicines that would help her. Gina has since had a second transplant and realizes with the help of the natural medicines Dr. Piro prescribes, her medical doctors are willing to decrease and even stop some medications she has previously needed due to the transplants. And she feels much better!

“I started taking natural medicines and learning more about healthier ways of living. I found Dr. Piro to not only be my boss, but my mentor and a close friend. I love being a part of this group because I know we are helping people. Every time I witness another patients' success, I'm even more proud to be here.”

Gina has proven to be a very valuable asset to our clinic. Her ability of being certain that all patients' needs are filled, is only over shadowed by her belief that “laughter is the best medicine”. And Gina makes it her business to be sure every patient gets a healthy dose!


Brittany, CCPA


BrittanyBrittany has lived in Florida most of her life and graduated high school in 2005. After completing her education through Cleveland College of Chiropractic, Brittany received her licensure as a Certified Chiropractic Physician's Assistant in October 2014.

Brittany's father taught her the importance of living a healthy lifestyle at a very young age. Due to this, she decided to follow this career path.

This was about the time that Brittany 's friend, who worked with Dr. Piro's husband told her she needs to meet Lars's wife, Janice. He told Brittany how cool Janice is and that she rides motorcycles. Brittany was introduced to Janice and agreed she was exactly that, Cool. Soon after their meeting, Lars told Brittany she needs to call Dr. Piro because she was looking for a new staff member searching for a career in the natural health field. Brittany decided that the Natural Health field is exactly where she wanted to be.

Brittany got to work on filling out her application for our office nervously. She realized she was taking it way too seriously & needed to relax. When Brittany came to the question “How do you see yourself?” this was her moment to shine! And that she did! She answered it with, “I'm a ROCKSTAR!”. When Gina & Tricia read this they realized they had a winner, someone that will keep the mood light and add to the flavor of our office.

Brittany has been a vital part of our family and team since 2007. We all love her sweet, fun loving personality and look forward to teaching her, learning from her and laughing with her for many years to come.





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