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Chronic degenerative diseases have become the nemesis of health care. Chronic means "of long duration" and degenerative means "to deteriorate or decay." Examples of these diseases are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus, psoriasis, scleroderma, diverticulitis and colitis.

Mainstream health care usually offers very little other than pain and symptom relieving drugs that may help the discomfort temporarily, but may actually do nothing, or even worsen the real cause of the disease.

The major reason for this approach to treatment is that the cause of the disease is "unknown." There are sometimes genetic factors that can be identified to predispose a person to a disease, but these factors cannot be said to be the cause of the disease.

There are volumes of references that prove food can heal bodies. So, if a body reacts to food oppositely from how it is supposed to react, is it possible that food can decay bodies? Yes, it is, and this is what delayed-type food allergies are all about.

Foreign Particle

A food can be mistakenly recognized by the body as a foreign particle. This can activate the immune system to make immunoglobulins (certain and specific proteins) that may then attach themselves to the foreign particle in an effort to protect the body from them. This creates the formation of protein complexes that may be deposited in different tissues and/or organs. These deposited complexes can build up and cause dysfunction of whatever tissue or organ they have been deposited in. The dysfunction is then given a disease name, and the resulting symptoms are usually treated conventionally with medications that do nothing for the allergy. Only when the allergic foods are identified can the disease be more successfully handled.

Client Success
I suffered with food alleriges, which caused asthma-like symptoms. I suffered with depression and mood swings which made life hard to deal with at times. My general feeling was run down. Now I can eat whatever I want. I don't crave the bad things anymore that I was addicted to. I can breath!! I have more energy. I feel very level in my emotions. Can't remember the last time I felt depressed. Dr. Piro is wonderful. I would recommend her to anyone!
- SE

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