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The New CPR

Here is a demonstration of the new, easier CPR which takes the complication out of the method that was taught and practiced a few years ago. Please Watch - It's easy to remember and you don't have to be certified to use this method, and it may save a life! This is a great demonstration, done by the doctors who developed the procedure at the University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center .

We urge you to watch and then share it with those you care about.



Are you interesed in learning more about Neurofeedback, one of the latest therapies available at Piro Clinic? The decvice that we use is called the NeuroIntegrator... Check out the below website and call the office if you want to set up an appointment.


Cold Laser Therapy

To learn about the many uses for cold laser therapy, check out Theralase's site. This is the cold laser that we use in the office.

Theralase: Healing at the speed of light

Enjoy Beef?

Click on this graphic to see why grass-fed beef is so much healthier than grain-fed beef...

U.S. Wellness Meats: Our animals eat right so you can too!

Biotics Research

Have you ever wondered what goes in to making a supplement? Biotics Research is one of the lines of supplements that we carry at Piro Clinic of Natural Medicine. This is an informational video on the care that Biotics takes in the production of their products...

Biotics Research: The best of science and nature

What's In Your Food?

To learn how GMO foods may alter organ function, check out this informative video...


Far Infrared Saunas

Far Infrared Benefits:
 Removes Toxins at the Cellular Level
 Increases Absorption of Nutrition at the Cellular Level
 Enables Proper Cell Function
 Promotes Healthy Diet
 Influences Ideal Weight and Cellulite Control
 Improves Digestive Problems
 Increases Circulation
 Decreases Cholesterol Levels
 Normalizes Blood Pressure
 Increases Basal Metabolic Rate
 Improves Diabetes
 Enhances Heart Health
 Decreases Obesity
 Prevents Cancer and Auto Immune Diseases
The typical American diet is loaded with toxins from foods. Even healthy fruits, vegetables, and meats contain pesticides, heavy metals cadmium and mercury, and PCBs which are generated by environmental by-products that end up in the soil, are taken up by plants and animals, and become permanently lodged in our bodies.
Far Infrared (FIR) therapy removes the damaging toxins out of the body and prevents diseases that result from poor diet, processed foods, and lack of nutrition. FIR detoxification will restore proper cell function and enable the absorption of quality nutrients at the cellular level.
FIR improves the digestive system by eliminating the toxins produced by ‘bad’ bacteria that can damage the intestinal lining, cause re-toxification when absorbed into the bloodstream, and injure cell membranes throughout the entire body. FIR will dramatically lessen the work load of the colon, liver, and kidneys and will improve chronic digestive problems.
FIR supports a nutritional diet change by boosting the metabolism and increasing the production of fat-burning enzymes and hormones. Use of FIR and a diet of natural foods will maintain a healthy liver and digestive system, prevent disease, and sustain energy and well-being from within.. For more information on how the Far Infrared Sauna may help you, please follow the link below.




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