Body Owner's Manual: The Heart

While the death rate from heart disease has been decreased over recent years, the number of cases of congestive heart failure (CHF) has doubled. CHF is the heart's inability to pump all the blood back out of it. Since the circulatory path of the blood is from the lungs to the heart, with CHF, the blood can back up into the lungs, literally causing drowning in one's own blood.

The cause of CHF is a weakened heart muscle, due to a deficiency of vitamins B1 and B4. This condition, therefore has been more properly called "beriberi of the heart." Beriberi was discovered in the late 1800's to be a severe nutritional deficiency caused by polishing the vitamin B rich coating from rice.

Vitamin B

The result of a severe nutritional lack of vitamin B is nerve conductivity problems, weakness and muscle paralysis. The result of a long-term decrease of B1 and B4 in the diet is the same and often effects the one organ most prone to nutritional deficiencies and consequently, most dramatically helped by nutritional therapy: the heart.

The heart simply becomes weakened and unable to fully contract to push out the blood that has entered it. SYNTHETIC VITAMIN B WILL NOT DO THE JOB TO CORRECT THIS DEFICIENCY!!! If it could, all the "enriching" of our processed breads should have made CHF a scourge of the past by now. First of all, B4 cannot be synthesized. Secondly, synthetic vitamins lack the enzymes that activate the vitamins in our bodies.

Most importantly, do not be fooled by the word "natural" on the label of a vitamin. Please consult with a professional trained in holistic medicine and nutrition such as a chiropractic kinesiologist or homeopath.

Your heart is too important for amateur advice.

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