Is The Medical Industry Making You Sick?

To paraphrase the words of Jane Heimlich, best-selling author of "What Your Doctor Won't Tell You," the answer is YES! They do it by not letting you know all the practical things that can help your body heal and avoid illness.

It isn't that your doctor is trying to keep things from you. There's just a possible blackout of information at his level. Your doctor may never know about many helpful new treatments because it's the policy of associations to promote the profitability of the medical industry - not necessarily healthy diets, vitamins and inexpensive new treatments.

Drug Companies

Also, many powerful medical institutions and drug companies may want to keep you in the dark. It's often their way of staying in control of the drug industry .. . and the billions of dollars that flow into their coffers every year.

The point that Ms. Heimlich stresses in her book is that they may discourage you from trying safe new ways to heal disease and stay healthy. And that can make you sick and keep you that way.

Some of you may remember that in the 1950's, some medical doctors were doing commercials for cigarette companies! In the 60's and 70's, some medical doctors sneered at nutrition therapy. Many still promote the idea that your medical destiny is based mostly on heredity. While heredity is certainly an important factor to be considered in diagnosing a patient, doctors often may neglect the importance of vitamins and nutrition.

Patients are becoming more knowledgeable and are asking more questions about healthy diets and vitamin supplements. Some MDs may have no training in clinical nutrition or vitamin therapy, so they may respond based on their knowledge of drugs.

One common piece of information being disseminated by some MDs and drug companies is that antacids are a good source of calcium. This is not only untrue, it is unhealthy.

Here's the truth:

  • Calcium needs an acidic environment for digestion. An antacid's purpose is to reduce acidity.
  • The calcium in antacids is calcium carbonate, which is the least absorbable form of calcium available.
  • Calcium needs a compliment of magne­sium to work. Antacids lack this appropriate coupling.
  • Antacids are loaded with aluminum - a heavy metal toxin linked to Alzheimer's Disease.
  • These antacids also block the absorption of Chromium. Chromium is needed by the body to maintain normal levels of blood sugar.
So, keep things straight. Drugs are drugs and will never be good nutrition. Good nutrition is found in the things grown of this earth, not in the chemistry lab.


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