Is Your Microwave Making Your Fat?

Everyday a patient says to me, "I don't understand it. I diet but I can't lose weight!" Granted, this is a multi-faceted problem, but let's look at a modern convenience that may be leading Americans astray.

First, understand that the body is remarkably accurate. It recognizes the difference between real food grown of this earth and fake foods concocted in the laboratory to resemble real foods (i.e. artificial sweeteners).

The body knows what to do with real food. It can break it down and turn it into usable energy. Any of this created energy that is not used is stored in our fat cells. Our bodies do not have the ability to break down fake foods and convert them into energy. All it can do is store it in our fat cells. The miraculous microwave oven turns real food into fake food by jumbling up the food's molecules.

Incorrect Configuration

A protein molecule gets scramble by a microwave. All the hydrogen, oxygen and carbon atoms are still present, but in the incorrect configuration. It's like a jigsaw puzzle put together incorrectly. You can't recognize the picture even though all the pieces are there. So the wonderful filet mignon that was just thawed out in the microwave may look, smell and taste like a steak once it's grilled, but it isn't recognized as food to the body. It gets stored as fat.

Along with all the fad diets, throw out your microwave, eat breakfast, lunch by 1:00pm and fresh raw fruits and vegetables the rest of the day. Add some daily moderate exercise to this and you will lose weight as your metabolism changes. Your body won't think it is being starved of real food any longer.

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