Stress Testing For The 21st Century

So often the source of a chronic problem is not detected by conventional tests such as blood tests, urine tests, physical examination or even the high-tech scans. These test the chemical and physical components of the body but cannot evaluate electrical patterns in the body.

Much like an EKG, there is a device called an electrodermal screener (EDS) which measures the electrical flows through the part of the nervous system called the meridian pathways.

These pathways are made up of specialized nerve cells which lie approximately 2-4 mm below the skin surface and are lined up end to end to create a highway of energy flows through the organs. Each pathway is named for the organ through which it runs.

For example, the Liver Meridian starts in the area of the liver and runs down the inside of the leg to the top of the big toe. These are the pathways on which acupuncture points lie. A measurement with an EDS device can detect whether or not the energy flow through each meridian is balanced, stressed, weakened or possibly pathologic.

A practitioner using this device can often detect disease processes which have begun in the electrical patterns of the body but which have not permeated into the chemical or physical areas. Because these electrical patterns are sensitive, the practitioner must be well versed in physiology to understand what the readings actually mean and what should be done to help balance all the meridians.

When an EDS is used properly, the source of many ills that have eluded conventional testing and treatment may be found and the patient helped tremendously.

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