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I started coming to the Piro Clinic because of severe gastrointestinal problems. I was in pain almost every night and had been misdiagnosed by a "specialist" in Pasco County as needing my gall bladder removed. I also was extremely overweight, had no energy, got chest pains, and generally felt like I was going to die before my time if it did not reverse what was going on. Dr. Piro found my problem to be a severe allergy to dairy products. When I started my program, I'd had surgery for skin cancer and had an open wound the size of a silver dollar. Three weeks later, the wound had completely healed, amazing my dermatologist. In five weeks I have lost 10 pounds and two dress sizes, and am completely cured of all digestive problems - no more nausea and pain. My eyesight is improving, and I am regaining strength in my hands. Bless you Dr. Piro and staff!

Dottye A.

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