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I had used Chiropractic care on and off for 30 years, although it seemed the adjustments never lasted long enough. Then at age 49, my hip started aching like it was about to break, and I was hobbling around like I was crippled. When my primary physician proscribed NSAID'S (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and recommended taking very hot baths. I felt I had better look for a chiropractor. After I began to see Dr. Piro, I was surprised that the adjustments were effective beyond anything I had experienced in the past. I could actually see improvements in my posture. My back appeared more symmetrical than ever, and my hip pain became a memory. I had developed a small amount of skepticism of Chiropractic to go along with my huge skepticism of traditional American-style medical practice. But now I am feeling much better, looking better, sleeping better, breathing better and going forward with more hope than before I met D. Piro. My cynicism has turned into optimism, and I finally found a chiropractor who was using a system that produces tangible results.

Allen P.

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