Slowing Down The Aging Process & Retaining Your Youthfulness

Here is a typical scenario described by many people that come to my office. They were seeking medical help for a problem and their search ended with a shrug from the doctor and another prescription for a drug that didn't work or that the patient didn't want to take.

What's happening in a case like this is that the patient's health problem is not due to a disease treatable by drugs or surgery in which MDs are trained. So, the only choice the doctor has is to prescribe a symptom-relieving drug. Although it's a relief for the patient to learn there is no disease present, the patient is left wondering why they have symptoms.

In cases like this, many patients' symptoms are coming from aberrant physiologic patterns. Although the symptoms may be severe, there is no actual pathology present. But, the function of the organ(s) or system(s) is off balance.

Because the body works as one unified entity, when something is functioning incorrectly, it can cause incorrect function of something else. This can have a snowball effect and the result can be nebulous symptoms such as foggy-headedness, fatigue, moodiness, difficult sleep, poor libido, aches and pains that migrate around the body, abnormally severe menopause symptoms, etc.

Unfortunately, taking drugs for any of these symptoms often complicates the issue.

Successful treatment can only come from natural sources because the reason for the problem is an imbalance of nature. This imbalance usually comes from an accumulation of toxins in the body and/or chronic nutritional deficiencies. The body is a perfectly running machine, but only when it is kept clean (inside and outside) and given the proper fuel in the proper amounts.

Interruptions and blockages in the body's perfect function eventually causes symptoms without disease. However, abnormal function, either short-term or long-term, always precedes disease. It is wise to heed the warnings that the body gives. It is also wise to have an holistic physician check your body's function because imbalances can occur with no symptoms. The sooner these imbalances are found, the easier it is to correct them and the healthier the body stays.

You can slow down the aging process and retain youthfulness!

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